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Schneider Electric's goal of helping customers reduce carbon by 800 million tons has exceeded half


Schneider Electric's goal of helping customers reduce carbon by 800 million tons has exceeded half

● By 2022, the 2025 target of helping customers reduce carbon by 800 million tons has been more than halfway through ● The goal of sustainable packaging and energy utilization has doubled Beijing, China, March 9, 2023 - Recently, Schneider Electric, a digital transformation expert in the field of global energy management and automation, announced the latest progress of the "2021-2025 Sustainable Development Impact Index (SSI) Plan", with a total score of 4.91 points in 2022, far exceeding the expected goal of 4.70 points, showing Schneider Electric's outstanding achievements in actively building sustainable influence, It also lays a solid foundation for its continued promotion of sustainable development in the next year.   Schneider Electric's "2021-2025 Sustainable Development Impact Index (SSI) Plan" is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, covering 11 specific goals and local empowerment plans. By actively fulfilling the six sustainability commitments, Schneider Electric is committed to implementing the environmental, social and governance (ESG), and announcing the progress of SSI goals quarterly to continuously deepen its own sustainable development. In the past year, in terms of its own carbon reduction, Schneider Electric's "Net Zero Carbon Commitment Road Map" has been certified by the "Enterprise Net Zero Emission Standard" of the Scientific Carbon Target Initiative (SBTi), becoming one of the first enterprises in the world to obtain this certification. In the supply chain, Schneider Electric's proportion of recyclable cardboard increased from 21% in 2021 to 45%, further replacing disposable plastics. In terms of the concept of sustainability, Schneider Electric Institute of Sustainable Development is open to all employees, aiming at letting each employee truly understand the challenges facing the earth and human beings, and actively implement the concept of sustainability in work and life. Schneider Electric also actively empowers the ecosystem while practicing sustainability. Since 2018, Schneider Electric has helped global customers save and avoid 440 million tons of carbon emissions, and the emission reduction in 2022 alone will exceed 90 million tons. In 2022, relying on the supplier's "zero carbon plan", Schneider Electric will help core suppliers achieve 10% carbon reduction, and call on other suppliers to actively participate in the construction of supply chain work standards. In addition, Schneider Electric has benefited about 70000 people from its energy management training program in the past year, and provided clean power to 5.5 million people through solutions and projects. Schneider Electric achieved a series of outstanding sustainable development achievements in 2022, including: "2021-2025 Schneider Electric Sustainable Development Impact Index (SSI) Plan" achievements and highlights in 2022 These are inseparable from Schneider Electric's long-term incentive measures for employees, and are more closely related to Schneider Electric's positive actions in "coping with climate change, efficient use of resources, adhering to honesty and credibility, and creating equal opportunities". For example, use digital technology, circular economy, clean energy and other ways to continuously promote its own carbon reduction process, and drive the overall value chain to sustainable development by creating an end-to-end green supply chain. It is worth mentioning that in China, Schneider Electric achieved a 94.9% reduction in its own operating carbon emissions in 2022 compared with 2017, and a 9.78% reduction in the overall energy consumption of the supply chain in three years. Up to now, Schneider Electric has 17 "zero carbon plants", 15 "green plants" and 12 "carbon neutral" plants of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Schneider Electric in 29 factories and logistics centers in China, providing a reference for the green development of the industry. Gwena lle Avice-Huet, Chief Strategy and Sustainable Development Officer of Schneider Electric, said: "In the past year, in the face of the uncertainty of the global economy, we have always unswervingly practiced sustainability and achieved fruitful results. As a pioneer of sustainable development, Schneider Electric is committed to helping enterprises integrate the concept of sustainability into their business strategies and business innovation, address the challenges of low-carbon transformation with electrification and digital solutions, and accelerate the enabling ecosystem to jointly move towards a sustainable future."   About Schneider Electric The purpose of Schneider Electric is to enable all people to maximize the use of energy and resources, and promote human progress and sustainable common development. We call it Life Is On. Our mission is to become your digital partner for efficient and sustainable development. We promote digital transformation and serve home, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industrial markets. We integrate the world's leading technology of process and energy management, and realize integrated enterprise-level management through the whole business life cycle of interconnection products, control, software and services from terminal to cloud. We are a global enterprise with localization advantages, committed to promoting an open technology and partner ecosystem, and actively practicing the common values of meaning, inclusiveness and empowerment.