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Industrial motherboard EMB-4118 empowers AMR robots to run more efficiently and intelligently


Industrial motherboard EMB-4118 empowers AMR robots to run more efficiently and intelligently

Industrial motherboard EMB-4118 empowers AMR robots to run more efficiently and intelligently At present, China's industrial robotics industry is developing strongly, AMR robots as an industrial application of mobile robots has also ushered in the rapid development of the localisation process of core components is also accelerating. In line with the development trend, the current launch of the industrial motherboard EMB-4118 for AMR robot system control. 01 AMR robot industry development trend AMR robots, also known as autonomous mobile robots, the main application scenarios include industrial manufacturing and logistics, through the computer platform control and integrated use of cameras, sensors and other intelligent hardware and artificial intelligence technology, machine vision technology, navigation and positioning technology, etc., can be in an unstructured environment without human participation and independent navigation, movement to complete a variety of tasks. With the continuous maturity of AMR robot technology and the increasing demand for "machine for man" in various industries, the application scenarios of AMR robots are diversifying and expanding, in addition to the traditional manufacturing and logistics industries, they are also starting to enter into the smart hospitals, smart catering and other industry sectors, which helps to improve operational efficiency, reduce the pressure of manual labour and reduce costs. operation pressure and reduce costs. At the same time, the outbreak of AMR robot market demand and the diversification of application scenarios also put forward higher requirements for the overall R & D and manufacturing capacity of the AMR robot industry. From the hardware level, AMR robots need to meet the requirements of networking, intelligence and automation, and need to achieve fast response, high-precision positioning and remote management and other functional applications, which puts forward higher requirements for the AI power of the main control computer products, network communication capabilities, scalability and so on. In addition, the AMR robot's long-time continuous operation must be supported by a more reliable hardware foundation. In response to this, we have created the EMB-4118 industrial motherboard for industrial IoT, which enables AMR robots to run more efficiently and intelligently. 1 02 EMB-4118 for AMR Robotics EMB-4118 is a provider of industry-specific embedded computer products, focusing on the field of industrial robotics, independently created a series of embedded AI motherboards, embedded AI quasi-systems/complete systems and industrial tablet PCs to serve customers in various industries. Industrial motherboard EMB-4118 is one of them. EMB-4118 meets the requirements of AMR robots for powerful data processing capability and intelligent vision function development of computer hardware: -Supports Intel Atom x6425E and Intel Celeron J6412 with Quad Cores series processors with 4 cores, 4 threads and a maximum frequency of 3.00 GHz clock, which can provide more efficient data processing power; -Supports 1*SODIMM memory slot with DDR4-3200/2400MHz and up to 32GB of operating memory, as well as 2*7PIN SATA ports and 1*M.2 M KEY 2280 (PCIEX4) to further expand storage capacity; The EMB-4118 can integrate Intel Ultra Core graphics card, supporting 1*LVDS, 1*DP, 1*HDMI display interfaces, which can realise independent multi-display and up to 4K resolution display. EMB-4118 can help AMR robots achieve high-speed wired/wireless network communication and multi-machine networking: -Supports 2*LAN 100/1000/Mbps RJ45; -Supports 1*M.2 E-KEY 2230 interface for WIFI/BT expansion; -Supports 1*M.2 B-KEY 3042/3052 interface for expanding 4G/5G module; -Supports 3*USB3.0, 7*USB2.0, 2*RS232/RS485/RS422 and 4*RS232 for multi-device interconnection; -Supports 1*Headphone, 1*MIC-IN, 1*LINE1, 1*JAMP multiple audio interfaces; -Supports PS/2 mouse and keyboard as well as 8*GPIO, 2*CAN, 1*SYS_FAN (supports speed control), 1*JFP to achieve multiple peripheral access. EMB-4118 meets the product application requirements of AMR robots for low power consumption and high reliability of computer hardware: - Passive thermal design to achieve lower power consumption; -Support watchdog function, Windows 10, Linux operating system, can provide a more stable and reliable system operating environment; - Support 0℃~60℃ wide temperature working conditions, can be stable under various conditions such as complex electromagnetic environment; -Small size (size 165mm x 115mm), easy to deploy.