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Honeywell Differential Pressure Transmitters


Honeywell Differential Pressure Transmitters


Honeywell offers a wide range of differential pressure transmitters to meet the needs of various applications. These transmitters are available in a variety of models, each with its own unique features and specifications. Some of the key features of Honeywell differential pressure transmitters include:

  • True full-scale accuracy of 0.075%
  • Minimum hydrostatic pressure resistance of 21MPa
  • Explosion-proof requirements at no additional cost
  • Load capacity up to 1440 ohms

Honeywell Pressure Transmitter ST3000 Series

The Honeywell Pressure Transmitter ST3000 series includes a complete line of differential pressure, absolute pressure, gauge pressure, micro differential pressure, remote flange, and level transmitters. These transmitters offer superior accuracy, stability, reliability, and wide range ratios.

Honeywell Temperature Transmitter ST3000

The Honeywell Temperature Transmitter ST3000 meets a variety of temperature measurement needs. Available in 3 product families - the STT350, STT250, and STT150 - the ST3000 combination meets the price/performance requirements of virtually any application. Honeywell's top-of-the-line Lifetime temperature transmitters offer outstanding reliability, accuracy, stability, and the industry's best warranty.

Honeywell Differential Pressure Transmitter Range

Honeywell differential pressure transmitters are available in a variety of ranges, including:

  • STD924 (0~2.5 0~100kPa)
  • STD930 (0~34 0~700kPa)
  • STD974 (0~0.7 0~21MPa)

Additional Information

For more information on Honeywell differential pressure transmitters, please visit the Honeywell website.

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