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France electric power acquired part of GE's nuclear power business, and GE's scenery was no longer good


France electric power acquired part of GE's nuclear power business, and GE's scenery was no longer good

On February 11, EDF said it had signed an exclusive agreement with Ge to acquire part of Ge steam power's nuclear power business. The transaction is expected to be completed in the first half of 2023. The financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. EDF said the proposed deal included conventional island equipment for new nuclear power plants and steam turbine technology for future nuclear power plants. The businesses and teams covered by the agreement are distributed in about 15 countries, of which nearly 70% of the workforce is located in France. Ge will retain its service-oriented steam power business, including nuclear services in the Americas and Ge Hitachi nuclear energy, a supplier of nuclear power plant technology and services. The action of French electric also replaced the disastrous defeat of Alstom in 2014. In fact, the contradiction between GE and France began as early as after the acquisition of Alstom in 2014. In 2013, Frederick pieruzi, vice president of international sales of Alstom, France, was on a business trip from Singapore to New York. He was arrested by FBI agents at Kennedy Airport in New York on charges of bribing local dignitaries through intermediaries in an engineering project in Indonesia. Then the U.S. Department of Justice accused pieruzi of commercial bribery and fined Alstom $772 million. What does this acquisition mean? Looking at the background, Alstom is responsible for the manufacturing, maintenance and renewal of all steam turbine generators of 58 nuclear reactors in France, 75% of the power production equipment in France, and also provides propulsion steam turbines for the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle. The U.S. government acquired Alstom through Ge, which actually controls all nuclear power plants in France and already has a future weapon of mass destruction. ALSTOM, a business giant that once crossed the global power, energy and rail transit industry, was "dismembered" by Americans. It is worth mentioning that this is a hunting of Alstom, a French power enterprise, between general electric and the United States. Relying on measures such as judicial arrest, suppression of prosecutors, persuasion of defense lawyers, enterprise intervention and "revolving door of government and enterprises", the United States has laid a huge network. As for the backing of Alstom lawyers, it is also general electric. From the beginning, Alstom is in their bag. Alstom Power Department is the Fifth Department absorbed by General Electric. While doing its own scientific research, Alstom continues to develop and acquire, and also forms alliances with many companies. Now general electric can be said to be the first giant in power, overwhelming Siemens. This mode of acquisition and strategic alliance seems to have become a tradition since the establishment of the company, because Ge itself was established with the help of Morgan, a big chaebol at that time. It can be said that it is a successful business model, which also makes Ge suffer little setback in the development process of more than 100 years. Now, by annexing competitors to win competition, American giant enterprises are gradually blinded by their "achievements" and become "giant baby enterprises" insensitive to environmental change. When GE reacted and wanted to change its development direction, it found that annexing its competitors made it "fat" in the field of traditional energy. Such a bloated organization and complex business make it hard to return. It has no room to turn around. It can only sigh at the technology and trend of new energy.