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CPU unit in ABB AC500 series PLC - PM571-ETH


CPU unit in ABB AC500 series PLC - PM571-ETH

Product Introduction: CPU unit, 24VDC power supply, 64KB program memory, COM1 port RS232/RS485 programmable, with programming function/CS31 master station function/Modbus master/slave station communication function/ASCII function; COM2 port RS232/RS485 can be set, with programming function/Modbus master/slave communication function/ASCII function, integrated Ethernet communication function, and support for various field bus communication expansion function modules. Centralized expansion can carry up to 7 local expansion modules, with a maximum of 224 points for DI/DO (centralized configuration) and 112 points for AI/AO (centralized configuration); The maximum number of distributed input/output points depends on the usage of the bus Product classification: Medium sized PLC CPU module Brand: ABB Product Introduction: The low-grade CPU unit in AC500 series PLC adopts 24VDC power supply, 64KB program memory and two COM ports on the module backplane. Among them, COM1 port is a terminal type, and the communication protocol RS232/RS485 can be set. It can be extended to have CS31 master station function, Modbus master/slave station communication function, or ASCII function; The COM2 port is in the form of a nine pin serial port, with communication protocols RS232/RS485 that can be set. Other functions are the same as COM1 port, and the module integrates Ethernet communication functions internally, supporting multiple field bus communication expansion function modules. The latest version 1.2 of the CPU can expand 10 modules, and can achieve distributed or remote expansion through ABB's own CS31 bus or various public buses. It is an ideal module for networking and expansion of medium-sized control systems.