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ABB PLC Remote Programming Gateway


ABB PLC Remote Programming Gateway

Product Description: HiNet intelligent gateway is a remote communication module independently developed by Huachen Zhitong Technology for localized PLC operation, supporting almost all mainstream PLC Ethernet and modbus serial port access, this solution takes ABB AC500PLC as an example to introduce and explain AC500PLC remote programming and debugging. Product Category: PLC Brand: ABB Product Description ABB PLC remote programming gateway system uses ABB PLC as the core of equipment control, and HINET intelligent gateway as the remote data collection terminal, through 3G, wifi and wired network and other communication methods to realize PLC equipment into the network, and realize the remote programming and control of the PLC equipment. Relying on the remote monitoring terminal Control Builder, Configuration King and other programming or upper computer software to achieve the remote PLC remote programming, online monitoring, online simulation, remote data acquisition, remote control of equipment and other basic functions. In this system, in order to ensure the security of the data and the stability of the server, a VPN over P2P dedicated security channel is used, which not only ensures that PLC data is transmitted in isolation from ordinary Internet data, but also ensures that PLC data is transmitted directly to the monitoring room without going through the cloud server, which not only reduces the load on the cloud server, but also further ensures the security of PLC data. This reduces the load on the cloud server and further ensures the security of the PLC data. I. Communication methods: ABB plc remote programming gateway system has three communication methods: Ethernet, wifi, 3G communication 1, HINET intelligent gateway wired way of networking to PLC remote control 2、HINET intelligent gateway wireless WIFI networking for remote control of PLC 3、HINET intelligent gateway 3G mode networking for remote control of PLC II. System management structure Members can manage the PLCs and devices assigned by the super administrator by logging in with their username and password through the Hinode client 1、A company account can create multiple network groups 2, a network group can be created multiple administrators (after-sales staff) 3, an administrator can manage multiple HiNet intelligent gateways 4、A HiNet intelligent gateway can be connected to multiple PLCs and touchscreens