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GE DS3800NPDA GE Board-Price advantage


GE DS3800NPDA GE Board-Price advantage


Model Name:DS3800NPDA

Warranty: one year

Country of origin:U.S.A

Stock: In stock

    HONG KONG SAUL ELECTRICAL LIMITED. Manager: Rhonda Tel: + 86-15359273791 (WhatsApp) Wechat: + 86-15359273791 Address: Room 609, Strait Modern City, No.510 Xin'ao Road, Xindian Town, Xiang'an District, Xiamen initpintu_副本微信图片_20221212113329 微信图片_20221219093239 HONG KONG SAUL ELECTRIC LIMITED company specialises in the sale of modules and spare parts for the world's leading brands (DCS systems) (robotic systems) (large servo control systems), including distributed control systems (DCS), programmable logic controllers (PLC), MOTOROLA MVME industrial modules, industrial control communication converters (Anybus), remote output/input modules (RTU), industrial IPC, IPC, HMI SCSI (50, 68, 80 Pin) AnyBus (Gateway) has become a global sales company for industrial automation spare parts and components.
    DS3800DFXX1B1B DS3800DLIA
    DS3800DGRA1E1B DS3800DLIA1E1E
    DS3800DGRA1E1C DS3800DLIA1D1D
    DS3800DGRA1F1C DS3800DMEA1D1C
    DS3800DGRC DS3800DMEB
    DS3800DGRC1B1C DS3800DMEB1A1A
    DS3800DGRC1C1D DS3800DMEB1B1B
    DS3800DGRC1E1C DS3800DMEB1B1C
    DS3800DGRD DS3800DMEC
    DS3800DGRD1C1A DS3800DMEC1B1B
    DS3800DGRD1C1B DS3800DMEC1C1C
    DS3800DGRD1D1C DS3800DMPK1D1B
    DS3800DGTA DS3800DMPK1C1B
    DS3800DGTA1C1D DS3800DMPK1B1B
    DS3800DISA DS3800DMPK1B1A
    DS3800DISA1A1B DS3800DMPK
    DS3800DLBA DS3800DMPC1G1E
    DS3800DLBA1A1A DS3800DMPC1F1E
    DS3800DLCA DS3800DMPC1E1C
    DS3800DLCA1A1C DS3800DMPC
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