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EPRO PR6423/014-100-CN+CON021 Eddy Current Sensor Hot sales


EPRO PR6423/014-100-CN+CON021 Eddy Current Sensor Hot sales

The EPRO PR6423/014-100-CN+CON021 is an eddy current sensor manufactured by Emerson.

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    The EPRO PR6423/014-100-CN+CON021 is an eddy current sensor manufactured by Emerson (EPRO).

    Here's a breakdown of the model number:

    1. EPRO: Manufacturer (Emerson Process)
    2. PR6423: Base model number for eddy current sensors
    3. 014: Specific sensor type (likely related to measurement range or application)
    4. 100: Output signal range (likely 0-100 mV or 4-20 mA)
    5. CN: Indicates the sensor is manufactured in China


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