Where is the global consumer electronics industry going? Watch the doorway in cite2022!

What new technologies and products have emerged in the consumer electronics track when 5g has an aggregation effect with big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and cloud computing? What new progress has been made and what new trends have been reflected? The answers to these questions will be found at the 10th China electronic information Expo (cite2022) held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from April 9 to 11, 2022.


Focus on the field of consumer electronics, with strong pertinence

Cite is the largest electronic information Expo in Asia with the most complete industrial chain, the most abundant activities and the fastest influence improvement. It is also an industry-leading electronic industry event with international influence.

As one of the key theme pavilions of China electronic information Expo, hall 5 will focus on the new consumer electronics industry, mainly focusing on consumer electronics, small household appliances, E-sports entertainment and surrounding, 3C surrounding comprehensive products, intelligent mobile terminals, smart wear, smart office and smart retail sales. It is more professional and targeted, so it can better and more intensively present industrial innovative technologies Market business opportunities, dynamic interpretation of policies, etc., to provide “counterpart” contents and opportunities for exhibitors and enterprises.


It is reported that the exhibition hall has recruited more than 200 exhibitors and is expected to attract 20000 + visitors to the exhibition site. Among them, there are many “top players” in the industry and “opinion leaders” in their respective fields. The arrival of these professional visitors can gather accurate traffic for exhibitors, increase exposure, and let more people “punch in” the latest, coolest and cutting-edge “black technology” on the spot; On the other hand, through the industry buyer camp invited by the official invitation of the exhibition, exhibitors are also expected to reach more business cooperation and win real benefits for enterprise development.

Heads gathered together to create a “top match” event

Just as the difficulty of obtaining one ticket can explain the popularity of a game or concert, the quality of exhibitors can also confirm the “gold content” of an exhibition from the side. The latest news shows that Huawei, Hisense, Skyworth, TCL, Konka, glory, Lenovo, Tencent, Dell, Tencent, shengpai, non rabbit and other leading enterprises will make a heavy debut at the exhibition. This means that this exhibition will gather the “high-tech” scientific and technological products of the consumer electronics industry and the high-tech enterprises in the consumer electronics industry to release new products and new ecology, so as to meet the diversified procurement needs of professional buyers in an all-round way.

At the same time, the exhibition will also unite more than 100 cooperation units and strategic partners to invite downstream channel providers, e-commerce, supermarkets, government and other procurement departments, such as Anke innovation, Aoji electronics, Hugo cross border, Amazon (China), eBay (China), shrimp shopee, Wal Mart (China), lazada, wish, new egg, meituan, Suning, Haofang group Tongtuo technology and other well-known buyers were present to purchase. By carrying out highly professional and high-quality business matching activities, the “Online + offline” business matching between exhibitors and industry buyers can be realized, so as to further improve the exhibition value.

It can be found that from the perspective of exhibitors and industry buyers, the level of the 10th China electronic information Expo can be called “top matching”, which is enough to bring more and better opportunities for all parties to create a new brand ecology, project cooperation, technology guidance and investment and financing docking. In addition, the exhibition will break through the closed loop of traditional exhibition, upgrade and introduce new media publicity matrix, create the trend of science and technology new media, detonate the on-site experience of science and technology + application, and make the publicity exposure to a new level.

Seize the tuyere of the times and “create the future intelligently” with Dawan District

Shenzhen is an important manufacturing base of China’s consumer electronics industry. The output of “Shenzhen smart made” consumer electronics products such as smart TV, smart phone and tablet computer ranks in the forefront of the country and even the world. At the same time, Shenzhen is also a sales base of the consumer electronics industry chain and a “bridgehead” for China’s consumer electronics industry to the world, It’s no exaggeration to say “global consumer electronics look at Shenzhen”.

At the same time, the “14th five year plan” period is an important node for Guangdong to “top grid promote” the construction of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area and support the construction of Shenzhen’s leading demonstration area. As the headquarters of a number of world leading high-tech enterprises such as Huawei, Tencent, ZTE, Dajiang, glory, TCL and Skyworth, Shenzhen has its own gene of scientific and technological innovation. Relying on the advantages of the central city of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, Shenzhen will gather global innovation resources to provide strong support for China to seize the opportunity of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform and promote high-quality economic development.

In this context, the establishment of “electronic digital life Museum” in the 10th China electronic information Expo is not only the general trend, but also popular. Through the exhibition, people can experience cutting-edge technologies and products and understand the new progress and trend of consumer electronics. For the science and technology enterprises with a large number of consumer electronics tracks in China, the exhibition will become an important window for their external display and linkage, help them ride the “east wind” of Dawan district construction, and take the lead to seize the rare opportunity of Dawan district to “create the future intelligently”.


Post time: Jan-13-2022