Interpreting the new opportunities of industrial blockchain, this industrial blockchain professional conference should not be missed

Industrial blockchain has great potential, but there are still difficulties in application

Industrial Internet has become the next era of traditional industrial development, and blockchain, an emerging technology, also provides a new solution for data element circulation and business collaboration in industrial Internet.

What is industrial blockchain? For a simple example, in the field of automobile manufacturing, there are many auto parts with a wide range of sources. For this, auto dealers can rely on blockchain technology and cooperate with parts suppliers to build a commodity traceability platform to ensure that the shared data such as the source and supply path of auto parts can not be tampered with, so as to realize one click traceability of auto parts information, so as to improve the quality of auto parts. Of course, the application of industrial blockchain is more than that. It can penetrate into more fields and inject new security capabilities into data exchange and sharing, right and responsibility confirmation, massive equipment access authentication and security control on the industrial Internet.

Unfortunately, the industrial blockchain is still in the experimental stage, and there are some problems in technology adaptation and application implementation. At the social level, the public has insufficient awareness of the importance of industrial blockchain, the lack of benchmarking demonstration projects in the industry, and the demonstration effect of industrial blockchain application has not been highlighted. At the participating end, stakeholders, including the government, participants in the industrial chain and technology providers, have not formed a reasonable organizational form, and the business collaboration model needs to be innovated. As far as blockchain technology itself is concerned, there are still bottlenecks in its development, and it faces the problem of balancing the three factors of “performance, security and distribution”.


The white paper was released to comprehensively interpret the new opportunities of industrial blockchain

Focusing on the landing problems of industrial blockchain, the heavily released white paper deeply analyzes the opportunities brought by blockchain technology in industrial application from four perspectives, six technologies and four scenarios, combined with technical solutions and practical cases.

The white paper will focus on the four perspectives of Commerce, regulation, enterprise development and government regulation, deeply interpret many new opportunities brought by blockchain for industrial applications, and help industrial enterprises better realize industrial chain synergy. At the same time, the white paper will show six key technologies, such as trusted digital identity, secure data connection, intelligent edge computing, industrial distributed ledger, visual smart contract blockchain service, new industrial blockchain application app and flexible supervision portal, so that more industry users can understand how blockchain can make relevant participants more secure, reliable and accessible, Share data, processes and rules.

In addition, the white paper will completely deconstruct the advantages and problems of blockchain in different scenarios for the four industrial end application scenarios of “Application of industrial security”, “Application of providing industrial production efficiency”, “Application of helping service manufacturing upgrading” and “Application of data sharing and flexible supervision”. I believe that under the guidance of the white paper, industrial enterprises will have a deeper understanding of blockchain technology, make full use of blockchain technology, accurately control costs, complete customized production on demand, quickly and personalized, and enhance market competitiveness.

Post time: Nov-25-2021