Emerson joins hands with BASF to empower science and technology for a healthy future

Innovation and integration move forward hand in hand

Recently, Emerson automation solutions received a certificate from BASF vitamin Co., Ltd. and spoke highly of the professional performance of Emerson’s entire project implementation team in BASF vitamin A500 DCS transformation project.

BASF project leader said: “the Emerson project team reflects the professionalism of the first-class DCS manufacturer, provides high-quality products and professional services, and makes the BVC project start up successfully at one time in advance.”

A certificate of award represents BASF’s recognition of our entire project team and its trust in Emerson. At the same time, it is also Emerson’s disclosure of its own technical and service requirements. As a first-class DCS manufacturer, we must also ensure that first-class products and services are brought to our customers.


On September 23, 2021, amid cheers, the vitamin A500 production plant of BASF vitamin Co., Ltd. welcomed the official launch of BASF vitamin A500 DCS transformation project. The successful launch of this project has not only greatly improved the production capacity, but also reduced the workload of employees and improved the product quality.

BASF vitamin A500 DCS transformation project won the bid in September 2020. Under the complex situation of changing epidemic situation in Shenyang, the construction, installation and commissioning were completed in advance in a safe, orderly and high-quality manner through integration and configuration. The DCS system of BASF vitamin A500 project was officially put into use on September 23, 2021.


Founded in 1995, BASF vitamin Co., Ltd. is the only production base of BASF nutrition and health business department in China. The production line before the transformation has been using the mainstream PLC system in the market since 1998. Although the system operation is still stable, it is already an old system for today’s rapid development of technology. In addition, it is rarely updated in the process of use, which also consumes a lot of energy for employees, so that its production capacity is far from meeting the supply demand of manufacturers for their customers, Make the project transformation imminent.


 Technical exchange

 The reconstruction project began to be prepared in 2019. Emerson’s technical team conducted in-depth research on a series of problems on the production line for three months, and conducted scheme formulation and technical exchange with BASF expert team and plant engineers, which laid a good foundation for the success of subsequent projects.

In this project, Emerson provided DeltaV: DeltaV PK controller

DeltaV PK controller realizes high-speed and stable control of the system by virtue of its powerful computing ability. The built-in Ethernet interface can be easily and quickly integrated with SIS system without additional Ethernet card, saving the cost;

At the same time, a variety of communication protocols are built in, such as Modbus TCP, OPC UA, Ethernet IP and so on;

The controller can be used alone or integrated. These functions make the connection of each stage easier and realize basf4 for the factory 0 laid the foundation.

DeltaV Live

As the interface between the operator and DeltaV control system, DeltaV live provides out of the box high-performance operation experience;

Based on isa101 The layered display navigation of the best practices of 01 and cop helps operators quickly and intuitively perceive the situation on the site and quickly find information, which greatly reduces the operation load and improves the operation efficiency;

The applicability of different types of desktop computers, tablet computers and mobile phone platforms makes the on-site touch screen consistent with the operator display screen in the control room.

DeltaV advance batch software

Provide engineering services such as DeltaV advance batch software, batch design and configuration;

The automation rate and production capacity of A500 product line are improved;

It improves the product quality and reduces the labor intensity of employees.

The development trend of the times is to enable the industrial chain by science and technology and open the golden bag of enterprise breakthrough by means of intelligent innovation. The successful launch of the transformation project has improved the production capacity of vitamin A500 product line for BASF vitamin Co., Ltd., made employees feel the satisfaction and gain brought by science and technology, and created good conditions for them to provide customers with higher quality products.

The successful launch of this project is not an end, but a starting point. It is a vivid practice of Emerson’s technology enabled service innovation and enterprise development. It is also a practical symbol of integrating data and technology to help enterprises develop efficiently.

Post time: Jan-14-2022