Electronic Gear Ratio Calculation Method

This simple electronic gear setting method is “set the resolution of the servo motor encoder as the numerator, and set the number of pulses required for one revolution of the motor as the denominator”. If the reducer is installed, the number of pulses originally sent by the PLC Multiply by the subtraction ratio.
for example:
The resolution of the servo motor encoder is 131072. We plan that the servo motor rotates 0.5 degrees every time the PLC sends a pulse.
It takes 720 pulses to make one revolution of the motor (360 degrees),
The electronic gear is set to 131072 / 720 and the fraction is simplified to 8192 / 45. In this way, the PLC sends 720 pulses each time the servo motor rotates once. If you want to connect a reducer, for example, connect a reducer with a reduction ratio of 5 to 1. When the reducer is used, the original score of the electronic gear remains unchanged, and the number of pulses sent by the PLC is multiplied by 5 (720*5=3600), that is, the PLC can send 3600 pulses when the servo motor rotates one circle.

Post time: May-25-2022