CS31 bus expansion interface module DC551-CS31 of ABB AC500 PLC

Product introduction:

Distributed I/O expansion interface module, integrated 8DI/16DC, switchable input/output, 24VDC, 0.5A transistor output; Distributed expansion is carried out through CS31 bus interface, and up to 7 local expansion modules can be expanded in a centralized way, including up to 4 analog local modules


Product classification:

PLC medium PLC interface module interface module





Product introduction:

This module is the CS31 bus expansion interface module of AC500 PLC. While integrating the bus interface, it can also integrate 8 digital 24VDC inputs, and the other 16 points can be set as input or output in the programming software. If used as output, the output is 0.5A transistor output. After the module guide rail, 7 new modules can be expanded, but the analog module can be expanded up to 4.

Post time: Mar-15-2023