Classic “fighter”: FLIR E96 makes electrical, mechanical and building testing safer and more efficient


FLIR EXX series infrared thermal imager is a classic series of Teledyne FLIR products. It has been very effective in discovering hot spots, detecting early signs of building defects and troubleshooting electrical and mechanical system faults. Teledyne FLIR is also constantly improving its products.
Excellent patented technology and accurate measurement results
FLIR E96 is a 640 × 480 infrared resolution pistol thermal imager, plus FLIR’s Ultramax ® And patent MSX ® (Patent No.: 201380073584.9) and other image enhancement technologies ensure that E96 can generate images that are more realistic and easier to interpret than similar thermal imagers.

FLIR E96 also has high thermal sensitivity and can detect the temperature difference as low as 0.03 ° C. in this way, even subtle component faults can be accurately captured through the large and ultra clear LCD screen, making the detection results more accurate and reliable!
The distance limit is small, and there is no pressure for safety detection
FLIR E96 advanced infrared thermal imager has advanced interchangeable autocal ™ The intelligent self calibration lens can automatically calibrate the lens through the thermal imager to obtain the most accurate temperature reading. With excellent distance coefficient ratio, it can provide comprehensive coverage of different distance targets and realize accurate temperature measurement of smaller and farther targets.

FLIR E96 is also equipped with laser assisted auto focusing function, which can accurately identify hot spots, even if it is far away and the scene is complex.
Match with professional software to make work report easier
FLIR E96 advanced infrared thermal imager is equipped with FLIR thermal Studio software, which can provide a simple and intuitive “connect view analyze share” workflow to help customers quickly and easily identify important infrared data features, support key decisions, and make users’ daily work easier!

FLIR E96 can also connect to mobile devices via Wi Fi or meterlink ® Connect with FLIR digital pincer meter and multimeter to maximize their functions. E96′s convenient menu button design and quick response touch screen with intuitive new user interface make it easier for users to operate with one hand

Post time: Mar-04-2022