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ABB's energy management system will significantly reduce the production cost of green hydrogen


ABB's energy management system will significantly reduce the production cost of green hydrogen

Recently, ABB launched ABB Capability for the green hydrogen industry OPTIMAX The energy management system helps to obtain real-time visibility of energy consumption in the whole operation process of electrolytic water hydrogen production, thus helping to reduce production costs.   Electrolysis of water to produce green hydrogen is the process of separating water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity produced by renewable energy. Green hydrogen is widely considered as an important energy carrier to achieve a low-carbon future. However, the production of green hydrogen from electrolytic water is facing serious challenges such as high production cost and high energy consumption.   According to the initiative "Green Hydrogen Catapult" (meaning "green hydrogen promotion plan") jointly launched by several leading energy companies in the world, to expand the production capacity to 50 times the required capacity, by 2026, the production cost of green hydrogen needs to be reduced by 50% to less than $2 per kilogram.   From simulation in design and engineering stage to real-time visualization and monitoring of plant operation, ABB OPTIMAX The energy management solution provides support throughout the whole life cycle of the hydrogen plant to help achieve the goal of cost reduction. ABB Ability OPTIMAX It can measure two-way power flow and carbon dioxide emissions and provide reference data. Operators can use these data to determine the optimal energy consumption level required to support plant production and avoid waste.   ABB Ability OPTIMAX The data provided can also be used to improve the hydrogen production efficiency and safety of the electrolytic cell module, adjust the speed of each module and ensure that it is only used when needed.   Sleman Saliba, global product manager of energy management of ABB Process Automation Division, said: "Expanding the scale of green hydrogen production requires a lot of investment and high operating costs. Nearly 70% of the operating costs of hydrogen plants come from the electricity consumed by electrolysis of water molecules in the electrolysis process. With the help of OPTIMAX , Operators can operate their industrial processes in a more energy-efficient way with only 1-3% technology investment, and reduce the power cost by up to 20%. "   In combination with intra-day planning, operators can use OPTIMAX To plan the electricity consumption in advance, so as to improve the bargaining power of the transaction with the power grid, and develop a circular energy system based on the prediction of the supply and demand relationship of renewable energy and the fluctuation of the current market electricity price.   ABB Ability OPTIMAX The energy management solution can also be used to optimize the integration and integration of green hydrogen with existing hydrogen networks and infrastructure that is expected to be developed in the future.   ABB Process Automation Division is a provider of automation, electrification and digitalization for the process industry and mixed industries, providing users with a wide range of products, systems and end-to-end solutions, including distributed control systems, software, life cycle services, industry-specific products, as well as measurement and analysis, marine products and solutions. With its profound industry accumulation, diversified team and global resources, ABB Process Automation Division is committed to helping users improve market competitiveness, improve return on investment, and achieve safe, intelligent and sustainable operation.   ABB is a technology leader in the field of electrical and automation, and is committed to enabling a more sustainable and efficient development in the future. ABB integrates engineering experience and software technology into solutions to optimize manufacturing, transportation, energy and operation. With an excellent history of more than 130 years, ABB's 105000 employees around the world have made every effort to promote innovation and accelerate industrial transformation.