ABB upgrades medium voltage circuit breaker intelligent scheme to release carbon reduction potential

Improving energy efficiency in production activities and reducing carbon emissions in product life cycle is a major issue that human beings must face. For power switchgear, it is the development direction of the industry and the general trend to use digital means to monitor various operation data and adopt more new environmental protection materials, so as to reduce carbon emissions and achieve predictive maintenance.


On January 13, 2022, abb released the new ivd4 bearing the mission of low-carbon environmental protection and digitization ® Medium voltage intelligent solution, which realizes the deep integration of VD4 Vacuum Circuit Breaker, sensor and monitoring unit, improves cumbersome operation and maintenance through imaginative digital transformation, and realizes active prediction and accurate decision-making.

Zhao Yongzhan, President of ABB Electric China, said that the upgraded intelligent vacuum circuit breaker is ready to use, low-carbon and environment-friendly, and all materials can be recycled, degraded and reused; Through digital monitoring and diagnosis, it makes predictive maintenance possible, realizes lower total life cycle use cost, brings customers higher quality, more reliable and safer intelligent power distribution operation and management experience, and accelerates the realization of low-carbon digital future.

The new ivd4 medium voltage intelligent scheme has rich digital monitoring and diagnosis functions. Combined with abb abilitytm asset health management platform, it can realize real-time data analysis, diagnose the health status of circuit breaker locally and provide targeted operation and maintenance suggestions, which can reduce 30% accident risk, improve 60% response speed and reduce 50% operation and maintenance cost.

As early as 2011, abb launched the first generation ivd4 medium voltage intelligent solution. The first project was implemented in the 35kV substation of the State Grid. It was successfully transmitted at the end of 2011 and has been in stable and continuous operation for ten years. During the ten years of serving the Chinese market, ivd4 has continuously enriched its functions. At present, it has formed a complete solution for circuit breaker health status assessment, which is applied to the medium voltage power system of public utilities, industry and infrastructure to help improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of circuit breaker, accurately grasp the health status of equipment and improve the operation continuity of distribution system.

In the 30 years since VD4 Vacuum Circuit Breaker entered the Chinese market, more than 900000 vacuum circuit breakers have served China, leading the reform and innovation of China’s electrical industry. In the context of sustainable development and “double carbon goals”, abb integrates low-carbon and digital into product R & D and operation, and promotes the development of medium voltage switchgear in a recyclable direction through technological innovation. VD4 Vacuum circuit breaker adopts innovative environment-friendly insulating material (PT pole) to bid farewell to the three wastes pollution (waste water, waste gas and solid waste). It has passed the China environmental mark (type II) certification and carbon footprint certification in 2021. Every 50000 circuit breakers can reduce the carbon emission by 3000 tons. It is a sustainable promoter of green electrification.


ABB (abbn: Six Swiss Ex) is a global technology leader, committed to promoting social and industrial transformation and achieving a more efficient and sustainable future. ABB integrates intelligent technology into electrical, robotics, automation and motion control products and solutions through software, constantly expanding its technical boundaries and improving its performance to a new level. ABB has an outstanding history of more than 130 years, with business in more than 100 countries and regions around the world and 105000 employees. ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including R & D, manufacturing, sales and engineering services, 27 local enterprises, 15000 employees in about 130 cities, and online and offline channels cover about 700 cities in China.

Post time: Jan-14-2022