Rockwell Automation will acquire plex systems for us $2.22 billion

Rockwell Automation will acquire plex systems with us $2.22 billion in cash

Plex is a leading pure software as a service (SaaS) cloud native intelligent manufacturing platform that can run on a large scale

Plex can provide leading application software for discrete industry, mixed industry and process industry to help manufacturing, supply chain visualization and quality control in these fields

Plex’s revenue is currently growing in double digits. This acquisition will immediately improve the operating profit margin of Rockwell Automation

The acquisition of plex is expected to accelerate Rockwell Automation’s annual recurring revenue stream (ARR) and achieve the ARR goal about two years ahead of schedule

Rockwell Automation (NYSE: ROK), one of the world’s largest industrial automation, information and digital transformation enterprises, and plex systems (hereinafter referred to as “plex”), the world’s leading provider of cloud native intelligent manufacturing platform, recently announced that the two sides have reached an agreement that Rockwell Automation will acquire plex with us $2.22 billion in cash.

The unique advantage of plex is that it can provide a software as a service (SaaS) intelligent manufacturing platform with single instance and multi tenant architecture running on a large scale. With advanced manufacturing execution system, quality and supply chain management capabilities, the platform can process more than 8 billion data interactions for more than 700 customers around the world every day. With the addition of Rockwell Automation’s advantages in global market access, industry expertise and transforming real-time data into decision-making, plex’s software capability will be further highlighted.


“As manufacturing enterprises increasingly adopt cloud solutions to improve the flexibility, flexibility and sustainability of their operations, this acquisition will accelerate Rockwell Automation’s realization of the ‘connected enterprise’ strategy,” said Blake Moret, chairman and CEO of Rockwell Automation, “By combining plex’s cutting-edge cloud technology with Rockwell Automation’s existing product portfolio and domain expertise, we will bring more value to our customers and create more winning possibilities. This acquisition will also accelerate our software revenue growth and strengthen our annual recurring revenue stream (ARR).”

At present, manufacturing enterprises are facing increasingly fierce market competition. They urgently need to increase production, improve flexibility, improve efficiency and ensure compliance. Enterprises want to seek cloud manufacturing execution systems that are easy to deploy, use and maintain, so as to realize the intelligent upgrading of production systems. Plex can help customers connect, automate, track and analyze their operations and supply chains.


Brian shepherd, senior vice president of software and control at Rockwell Automation, said: “We believe that the integration of big data and industrial Internet and other technical forces is changing industrial manufacturing. Rockwell Automation’s recent acquisition has integrated fiix’s advanced asset maintenance and management capabilities. Combined with the addition of plex, we will provide customers with a stronger combination of cloud native solutions for their modern production systems.”

Bill berutti, CEO of plex, said: “Plex is not an ordinary enterprise, but also a pioneer in the development of intelligent manufacturing. It is a trusted partner of more than 700 customers around the world. This cooperation with Rockwell Automation will bring more value to our customers, partners and employees, continuously expand our influence and better practice the mission of ‘cloud intelligent manufacturing’.”

Plex will be incorporated into Rockwell Automation software and control business department to provide leading hardware, software products and services for various automatic production and management systems, including design, operation and maintenance. With this acquisition, Rockwell Automation will welcome more than 500 new employees.

The acquisition will be conducted in cash combined with short-term and long-term debt. Based on routine closing conditions and the progress of regulatory review, the acquisition is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021.

Post time: Nov-24-2021