GE IS420UCSUS2A Mark VIe Functional Safety Controller Motor Abb Catalog

GE IS420UCSUS2A Mark VIe Functional Safety Controller Motor Abb Catalog



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The IS420UCSCS2A Mark VIe Functional Safety controller is a small, stand-alone device that executes application-specific control logic.

To get the most out of this controller, use it for functional safety loops. As a result, a skilled operator will use this to mitigate safety concerns. When you order the IS420UCSCS2A, it will be packaged in a static-resistant bag. Remove the item and treat it with caution at all times. To avoid damage, follow the board’s installation and storage specifications as well as the drive’s.

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Sales of the brand:

Allen-Bradley  ABB  GE  Siemens Bently Schneider Emerson Honeywell Foxboro other global DCS system and PLC system,ICS system of famous industrial brand.

  •  Invensys Triconex
  • Westinghouse
  • Rockwell Allen-Bradley
  • Schneider Modicon
  • ABB
  • Siemens
  • Bently
  • Honeywell
  • Yaskawa
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  • Woodward

Main Products:

DCS distributed control system, PLC programmable controller, numerical control system, (CPU processor, module, card, controller, servo drive, workstation, driver, motor, memory card, power supply, robot spare parts, etc.) Various industrial control products

Application Areas:

The company’s products are widely used in CNC machinery metallurgy, petroleum and natural gas, petrochemical, chemical, paper printing, textile printing and dyeing, machinery, electronics manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, tobacco, plastic machinery, electricity, water conservancy, water treatment/environmental protection, municipal engineering, boilers Heating, energy, transmission and distribution, etc.

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3HAB3362-1 3HAB3409-200 3HAB3701-26 3HAB3713-17
3HAB3363-1 3HAB3409-61 3HAB3701-27 3HAB3718-1
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3HAB3365-001 3HAB3409-67 3HAB3701-30 3HAB3720-1
3HAB3367-1 3HAB3409-71 3HAB3721-1 3HAB3749-1
3HAB3370-1  3HAB3409-73   3HAB3723-11  3HAB3754-1 
3HAB3380-1 3HAB3409-74 3HAB3724-11 3HAB3755-1
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3HAB3385-1 3HAB3409-84 3HAB3724-13 3HAB3757-11
3HAB3388-1 3HAB3409-85 3HAB3724-15 3HAB3757-12
3HAB3396-1 3HAB3409-86 3HAB3724-16 3HAB3757-13
3HAB3402-14   3HAB3409-88  3HAB3724-17   3HAB3757-14 
3HAB3402-15 3HAB3409-89 3HAB3724-18 3HAB3757-15
3HAB3409-205 3HAB3409-90 3HAB3725-11 3HAB3757-16
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3HAB3409-26 3HAB3443-1 3HAB3725-14 3HAB3702-46
3HAB3409-27 3HAB3538-12 3HAB3725-15 3HAB3704-1
3HAB3409-29   3HAB3539-1   3HAB3725-16 3HAB3710-11 
3HAB3409-37 3HAB3582-1 3HAB3725-17 3HAB3710-12
3HAB3409-38 3HAB3610-1 3HAB3725-19 3HAB3710-13
3HAB3409-39 3HAB3613-1 3HAB3725-20 3HAB3710-15
3HAB3409-40 3HAB3615-1 3HAB3725-21 3HAB3710-16
3HAB3409-42 3HAB3616-1 3HAB3726-11 3HAB3710-17
3HAB3409-50   3HAB3617-1   3HAB3726-12   3HAB3659-1  
3HAB3409-51 3HAB3618-1 3HAB3727-11 3HAB3661-1
3HAB3409-52 3HAB3629-1 3HAB3728-11 3HAB3662-1
3HAB3409-53 3HAB3630-1 3HAB3729-12 3HAB3666-1
3HAB3409-57 3HAB3701-35 3HAB3729-13 3HAB3668-1
3HAB3409-59 3HAB3701-37 3HAB3729-13 3HAB3676-1
3HAB3409-60 3HAB3701-41 3HAB3729-14 3HAB3682-1
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3HAB3632-1 3HAB3702-11 3HAB3731-12 3HAB3698-1
3HAB3633-1 3HAB3702-12 3HAB3731-14 3HAB3744-1
3HAB3637-1 3HAB3702-13 3HAB3731-17 3HAB3747-1
3HAB3639-1 3HAB3702-14 3HAB3732-11 3HAB3702-32
3HAB3640-1 3HAB3702-15 3HAB3732-13 3HAB3702-33
3HAB3641-1 3HAB3702-16 3HAB3732-14 3HAB3653-1
3HAB3643-11 3HAB3702-17 3HAB3732-15 3HAB3658-1
3HAB3643-12 3HAB3702-18   3HAB3732-16   3HAB3742-1  
3HAB3643-17 3HAB3702-21 3HAB3732-19 3HAB3743-1
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