GE IS230TNTRH1C Analog Input Module ABB Electrical Control Systems

GE IS230TNTRH1C Analog Input Module ABB Electrical Control Systems


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The CPU is the most important component of a PLC. The function of the CPU in a PC system, like that of a general microcomputer CPU, is akin to the nerve center of the human body. Its functions are as follows: Receive the status or data from the field input device in scanning mode (explained below) and store it in the input image register or data register.
User programs and data input by the programmer are received and stored.
Diagnose the state of the PC’s power supply and internal circuit, as well as programming syntax mistakes.

  1. When the computer starts up, it goes through the following steps:Execute the user program and create the necessary control signals (read instructions one by one from user program memory, generate corresponding control signals according to the tasks specified in the instructions after command interpretation, and open and close relevant control circuits)
  2. Perform data processing – access, transmit, combine, compare, transform, and other operations in time and channel, as well as accomplish the logical or arithmetic operation tasks defined in the user program.
  3. Control the implementation of outputs by updating the output status (update the status of relevant flag bits and the content of output image register according to the operation results, and then realize output control, tabulation, printing, data communication, etc. from the content of input image register or data register)


  • Memory for system working programs (monitoring programs), modular application function subroutines, and commands.
  • Explanation, call management software for function subroutines, and system parameters
  • *Cannot be accessed by the user directly.User program in memory User applications are stored in memory.
  • That is, the user program entered into the programmer by the user.User data is stored in the function memory (data area).The storage capacity of a PC’s user memory is commonly expressed in words (16 bits per word).
  • Note that the system application is linked to the PC’s performance and cannot be accessed directly by the user. As a result, when the memory form or storage mode and capacity are mentioned in the PC product specifications, they are usually referring to the user program memory.

(I/O module: interface circuit, I/O image memory) I/O (input/output unit)——Part that connects the CPU to the field I/O device or other external equipment.

  • PLC offers I/O modules with a variety of operating levels and driving capabilities, as well as I/O components for a variety of applications:
  • Conversion of input and output levels
  • Isolation from electricity
  • Conversion from serial to parallel
  • Data transmission
  • A / D, D / a conversion
  • Checking for error codes
  • Additional functional components(I/O modules can be grouped with the CPU or installed separately. In most cases, the I/O module also includes a status display and an I/O terminal block.

External equipment, such as a programmer

  • Programmer is a must-have tool for PLC development and implementation, as well as monitoring, inspection, and maintenance.User applications are prepared, edited, debugged, inspected, and monitored using this tool.)
  • Using the keyboard and monitor, determine the internal status and parameters of the PLC.
  • To achieve man-machine dialogue with the PLC, communicate with the CPU via the communication port.
  • Simple type classification – can only be programmed online; Only the instruction list can be used to program it.
  • Intelligent – it can be programmed online or offline, and it may be written in a variety of languages, including instruction lists (statement tables), ladder diagrams, and others. Frequently, the computer can be used directly as a programmer by installing appropriate programming software.
  • The programmer does not participate in the field control operation directly. Many PLCs can be developed and monitored by a single programmer
  • Other peripherals include a disk, an optical disc, an EPROM writer (for solidifying user programs), a printer, a graphical monitoring system or an upper computer, and so on.
  • Internal regulated switching power source for internal circuit; most versions can also provide an external DC24V regulated power supply for on-site switching signals and external sensors.
  • External power failure (generic battery backup) and data loss due to external battery failure.


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ABB 07BT62R1 GJV3074303R1 ABB 07CS61   GJR5240300R0202
ABB 07DC91   GJR5251400R0202 ABB 07DS85R1 GJR5219300R0001/9075

Our products are widely used in CNC machinery, metallurgy, petroleum and natural gas, petrochemical, chemical, paper printing, textile printing and dyeing, machinery, electronic manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, tobacco, plastic machinery, electric power, water conservancy, water treatment/environmental protection, municipal engineering, boiler heating, energy, transmission and distribution industries.

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ABB 07PG85 ABB 57310001-KY
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ABB 07PS60R1 ABB 57160001-AAA
ABB 07PS61R1 ABB 57160001-NF 
ABB 07PS85 ABB 57160001-AK
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ABB 07PT40b ABB 5716075-P
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ABB 57310255-A ABB 57310255-AL
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ABB 57310255-AX  ABB 48980001-AP
ABB 07AB60R1    GJV3074360R1 ABB 48980001-AG
ABB 07AB61R1    GJV3074361R1 ABB 48980001-FK
ABB 07AB90-S    GJR5250800R0101 ABB 07KT94      07KT94
ABB 07AI91      GJR5251600R0202 ABB 07ZE85      07ZE85R1
ABB 07BA60R1    GJV3074397R1 ABB 07AB200     GJV3072413R1
ABB 07BE60R1    GJV3074304R1 ABB 07BE61R1    GJV3074305R1
ABB 07BT62R1    GJV3074303R1 ABB 07BR60R1    GJV3074375R1
ABB 07BV60R1    GJV3074370R1 ABB 07DC91      GJR5251400R0202
ABB 07CS61      GJR5240300R0202 ABB 07DS85      07DS85R1
ABB 07KP93      GJR5253200R1161 ABB 07EA65R1    GJV3074359R1
ABB 07KR228     GJV3072401R1 ABB 07KR240R1   GJV3072402R1
ABB 07KT228     GJV3072417R1 ABB 07KR264DR1  GJV3072403R1
ABB 07KT240DR1  GJV3072419R1 ABB 2664109-DO 

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