GE IS220PVIBH1A vibration terminal board Fast worldwide delivery

GE IS220PVIBH1A vibration terminal board Fast worldwide delivery

Model Name:IS220PVIBH1A
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IS220PVIBH1A vibration terminal board

The IS220PVIBH1A pack is used to provide electrical interfacing between the TVBA vibration terminal board and up to two Ethernet networks. The PVIB pack has thirteen channels that are used to read both proximity and vibration information.

Ambient Temperature Range:-30 to 65 °C
Channels:Thirteen for Proximity and Vibration
Common Mode Voltage:Min. 5 VDC
Dimensions:3.25″ high x 1.65″ wide x 4.78″ deep
Frame Rates:3.125, 6.25, 12.5, 25, 50, and 100 Hz
Probe Power:-24 VDC, 12 mA load per transducer

The IS220PVIBH1A model was designed as a Vibration Monitor Pack. The main function of the PVIB pack is to provide an electrical interfacing function between up to two I/O Ethernet networks and a vibration terminal board. The main components of this pack are the main processor board which is used with a majority of the MK VIe distributed I/O packs as well as a daughterboard and an acquisition board.

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