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Foxboro FBM42 Contact VDC Input/Output Module Hot sales


Foxboro FBM42 Contact VDC Input/Output Module Hot sales

The Foxboro FBM42 P0902XB is an industrial control system module designed for handling both digital and analog signals.


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    The Foxboro FBM42 P0902XB is an industrial control system module designed for handling both digital and analog signals.

    In simpler terms, the FBM42 module can take electrical signals from sensors and switches (digital inputs) and convert them into a usable format for a control system.

    It can also send control signals (digital outputs) to operate devices like valves or alarms. The VDC capability refers to its ability to handle voltage signals within a certain range.

    Key features of the FBM42 include:

    1. Function: Contact/VDC Input/Output Expander

    2. Channels: 8 Digital Inputs (DI) and 8 Digital Outputs (DO)

    3. Applications: Industrial process control systems

    Applications of the FBM42 include:

    1. Chemical processing

    2. Oil and gas refining

    3. Power generation

    4. Water and wastewater treatment

    5. Pulp and paper

    6. Food and beverage


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    Frequently asked questions

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