ABB SD833 Power Supply Module ABB motors and generators sc100rr

ABB SD833 Power Supply Module ABB motors and generators sc100rr

Model Name/Number:SD833
Warranty Period:18 Months
Country of Origin:Switzerland

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The SD83x Power Supply Units are designed to meet the EN 50178 harmonized European Standard Publication’s applicable electrical safety data, as well as the extra safety and function data needed by EN 61131-2 and UL 508.
For SELV or PELV applications, the secondary output circuitry is acceptable. They’re switch-mode power supplies that convert 120 volts ac to 24 volts d.c. Non-redundant and redundant applications can both benefit from these power supply.
Diode voting units SS823 or SS832 are required for redundant applications. There is no need to install a mains filter when using the type SD83x series Power Supply Units. They include a soft start feature, which means that when you turn on an SD83x, no fuses or earth-fault circuit breakers will trip.

Information In General
Article number: 3BSC610066R1
Width: 60 mm (2.36″)
Depth: 117 mm (4.61″)
Height: 124 mm (4.88″) 
Weight (pounds):  700 g (1.5 lbs.)
Type: electricity supply
Rated output current: 10 A
Rated output power: 240 W
Rated output voltage: 24 V d.c.
Rated input power: 447/514 VA
Auto-select input Applications: 100-120 V a.c. 200-240 V a.c. 
Efficiency of SELV and PELV: 91.6% and 91.6 percent, respectively
Variations in mains voltage allowed: 100-120 V a.c. +-10%, 200-240 V a.c. +-10%
Mains frequency: 50-60 Hz +- 6%
Primary peak inrush current:  10 A
Power Factor (at rated output power): 0.59/0.51 
Heat dissipation: 24/22 W
Maximum current: 70 mV / 100 mV
Output voltage regulation: 70 mV / 100 mV
Ripple (peak to peak): 50 mV
Secondary voltage holdup time at mains blackout:  46/47 ms
Current at 45 °C: 12 A maximum output current (min)
Maximum ambient temperature: 60 °C
Output over voltage protection: 39 V

Advantages and features

  • DIN-rail mounting is simple
  • (When connected to Protective Earth, (PE) Class I Equipment
  • Category III overvoltage for primary mains connection
  • TN (Television Network)
  • Separation of the secondary and primary circuits for safety
  • SELV and PELV applications are accepted.
  • Overcurrent protection is built into the units’ output.
  • (over voltage) and (current limit) (OVP)


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Recommended Model:

Model Brand Model
ABB 07SV60R1 ABB 57310001-T     DSPB120
ABB 07TA60 ABB 21660559-H     DSRA110
ABB 07TI40E ABB 52820083-LF    DSRC113
ABB 07TR85 ABB 57310255-A     DSRF150
ABB 07WP84R302 ABB 57310255-AV    DSRF180A
ABB 07XS40E ABB 57310255-AX    DSRF181A
ABB 07YS40E ABB 57310255-AL    DSRF182
ABB 07ZE40E ABB 48980001-AP    DSSB146
ABB 07BE64R1 ABB 48980001-AG    DSSB170
ABB 07EB62R1 ABB 48980001-FK    DSSR116
ABB 07GS40R1 ABB 48980001-NK    DSSR122
ABB 07ZE60R302 ABB 48980001-PC    DSSR170
ABB 07ZE61R201 ABB 2664109-DO     DSSX129
ABB 07NG61R2 ABB 5347049-BR     DSSX161
ABB 07NG66R2 ABB 57120001-CV    DSTA131
ABB DSRC113 ABB 57120001-ET    DSTA180
ABB DSBB175 ABB 57520001-A     DSTC120
ABB DSTC404 ABB 57310001-KN/2  DSTC175
ABB 5712289-A ABB 57310001-KT/1  DSTC176
ABB 26390410-CV ABB 5750001-ER     DSTC190
ABB 1007064719-103 ABB 57520001-DX/1  DSTC406
ABB 1060-751  503 ABB 57520001-FE    DSTC408
ABB 1060-763  503 ABB 5751017-A      DST452
ABB 1060-798  503 ABB 5751017-L      DSTC456
ABB 1070044305-115 ABB 57160001-TZ    DSTD110A
ABB 1070046088-507 ABB 57160001-UH    DSTD150A
ABB 1070047961-107 ABB 26390582-AY    DSTK126
ABB 1070047961-108 ABB 26390582-BR    DSTK127
ABB 108 YB161102-AN ABB 26390582-BL    DSTK128
ABB 07AA65R1 GJV30743 ABB 26390582-BM    DSTK129
ABB 07AB200  GJV3072413R1 ABB 26390582-CR    DSTK132
ABB 07AB60R1 GJV3074360R1 ABB 26390603-BS    DSTK181
ABB 07AB61R1 GJV3074361R1 ABB 26390603-A     DSTK150
ABB 07AB67R1 GJV3074364R1 ABB 57350001-A     DSTV10
ABB 07AB90-S GJR5250800R0101 ABB K9033-015
ABB 07AI91   GJR5251600R0202 ABB 106240BP10432A-A
ABB 07BA60R1 GJV3074397R1 ABB 57120001-P  DSAI130
ABB 07BE60R1 GJV3074304R1 ABB 57120001-FG DSAO30
ABB 07BE61R1 GJV3074305R1 ABB 57330001-Y  DSBB110A
ABB 07BR60R1 GJV3074375R1 ABB 57310001-KD DSBC172
ABB 07BT62R1 GJV3074303R1 ABB 57310001-KH DSBC173
ABB 07BV60R1 GJV3074370R1 ABB 57510001-AA DSCA114
ABB 07CS61   GJR5240300R0202 ABB 57310001-KY DSCL110A
ABB 07DC91   GJR5251400R0202 ABB 57520001-BC DSCS116
ABB 07DS85   07DS85R1 ABB 57310001-CM DSCS131
ABB 07EA65R1 GJV3074359R1 ABB 57520001-EV DSCS140
ABB 07KP93   GJR5253200R1161 ABB 57160001-AAA DSDI110A 
ABB 07KR228  GJV3072401R1 ABB 57160001-AK  DSDO120
ABB 07KR240R1 GJV3072402R1 ABB 5716075-K    DSDX451
ABB 07KR264DR1 GJV3072403R1 ABB 5716075-P    DSDX452
ABB 07KT228    GJV3072417R1 ABB 57310290-BY  DSIH70
ABB 07KT240DR1 GJV3072419R1 ABB 5735099-BA   DSIH71
ABB 07ZE85      07ZE85R1 ABB 5735088-36   DSIM2918
ABB 57390001-7  D5001 SB5032  ABB 57360001-CY  DSMB133
ABB 57360001-KE  DSMB175 ABB 57360001-K   DSMB151
ABB 57310001-CC    DSPC171 ABB 57360001-HC  DSMC112
ABB 57310001-MP    DSPC172H ABB 57360001-DC  DSMC120
ABB 57360001-KM/1  DSMD122 ABB 5736045-N    DSMD113


Brand Model Brand Model
ABB 3BSE018741R115 ABB 3BSE022179R1
ABB 3BSE018741R130 ABB 3BSE021386R2
ABB 3BSE018741R15 ABB 3BSE022457R1
ABB 3BSE018741R150 ABB 3BSE025347R1
ABB 3BSE018741R30 ABB 3BSE025349R1
ABB 3BSE018741R50 ABB 3BSE027062R10
ABB 3BSE050090R20 ABB 3BSE027062R20
ABB 3BSE050090R65 ABB 3BSE027062R5
ABB 3BSE050091R20 ABB 3BSE027062R50
ABB 3BSE050091R65 ABB 3BSE027070R10
ABB 3BSE050092R1165 ABB 3BSE027070R20
ABB 3BSE050092R1265 ABB 3BSE027070R5
ABB 3BSE050092R1365 ABB 3BSE027070R50
ABB 3BSE050092R1465 ABB 3BSE029774R10
ABB 3BSE050092R165 ABB 3BSE029774R20
ABB 3BSE050092R20 ABB 3BSE029774R5
ABB 3BSE050092R265 ABB 3BSE029774R50
ABB 3BSE050092R365 ABB 3BSE029997R1
ABB 3BSE050092R465 ABB 3BSE030221R1
ABB 3BSE019202R1 ABB 3BSE030582R21
ABB 3BSE019297R1 ABB 3BSE030582R54
ABB 3BSE019300R1 ABB 3BSE032400R1
ABB 3BSE018312R1 ABB 3BSE020838R1        DO840
ABB 3BSE018323R1 ABB 3BSE020846R1-800xA  TU840
ABB 3BSE019999R1 ABB 3BSE020848R1-800xA  TU841
ABB 3BSE020178R1 ABB 3BSE020850R1-800xA  TU842
ABB 3BSE021456R1 ABB 3BSE021437R1-800xA  TB845
ABB 3BSE035380R1 ABB 3BSE021439R1-800xA  TB846
ABB 3BSE050092R65 ABB 3BSE021443R1-800xA  TU843
ABB 3BSE049110R1-800xA ABB 3BSE021445R1-800xA  TU844
ABB 3BSE018160R1        PM861AK02 ABB 3BSE021447R1-800xA  TU845    
ABB 3BSE018161R1        PM864AK01 ABB 3BSE022360R1        DI802
ABB 3BSE018164R1        PM864AK02 ABB 3BSE022362R1        DI803
ABB 3BSE018172R1-800xA  SB822 ABB 3BSE022364R1        DO802
ABB 3BSE018173R1        SM811K01 ABB 3BSE022366R1        CI801
ABB 3BSE018448R1        CI522AK01 ABB 3BSE022460R1-800xA  TU846
ABB 3BSE018450R1        CI522AK03 ABB 3BSE022462R1-800xA  TU847
ABB 3BSE018458R1        CI522AK12 ABB 3BSE022464R1-800xA  TB842
ABB 3BSE018459R1        CI522AK13 ABB 3BSE023607R1-800xA  TY801K01
ABB 3BSE018460R1        CI522K14 ABB 3BSE023675R1        AI845
ABB 3BSE018462R1        CI522K16 ABB 3BSE025255R1        CI820V1
ABB 3BSE018464R1        CI522AK21 ABB 3BSE026055R1-800xA  CI856K01
ABB 3BSE018465R1        CI522AK22 ABB 3BSE028586R1        DI880
ABB 3BSE018466R1        CI522AK23 ABB 3BSE028602R1        DO880
ABB 3BSE018467R1        CI522AK24 ABB 3BSE028925R1        AI843
ABB 3BSE018468R1        CI522AK25 ABB 3BSE028926R1        DP840
ABB 3BSE018469R1        CI522AK26 ABB 3BSE030220R1        CI854AK01
ABB 3BSE019327R1        CI527 ABB 3BSE031150R1        PM865K02
ABB 3BSE020508R1        DI801 ABB 3BSE031151R1        PM865K01
ABB 3BSE020510R1        DO801 ABB 3BSE031155R1        BC810K02
ABB 3BSE020512R1        AI801 ABB 3BSE032444R1        CI860K01
ABB 3BSE020514R1        AO801 ABB 3BSE033670R1-800xA  TY804K01
ABB 3BSE020520R1        CI810B ABB 3BSE035990R1-800xA  TU805K01
ABB 3BSE020836R1        DI840 ABB 3BSE036373R1        DI825
ABB 3BSE040364R1        TU834 ABB 3BSE036456R1        AI825
ABB 3BSE040662R1        AI830A ABB 3BSE036634R1        TB825
ABB 3BSE040795R1        CI865K01 ABB 3BSE036714R1-800xA  TU813
ABB 3BSE041882R1        CI840A ABB 3BSE037760R1        TB840A
ABB 3BSE042558R1-800xA  TU848 ABB 3BSE038226R1        SS823
ABB 3BSE042560R1-800xA  TU849 ABB 3BSE038407R1-800xA  FS801K01
ABB 3BSE043660R1        CI867K01 ABB 3BSE038415R1        AO810V2
ABB 3BSE045584R1        AO845A ABB 3BSE038726R1-800xA  TU833
ABB 3BSE046966R1-800xA  TU839 ABB 3BSE039025R1-800xA  TU807
ABB 3BSE048845R1        CI868K01 ABB 3BSE039293R1        AI880A
ABB 3BSE050198R1        PM866K01 ABB 3BSE051306R1        AI835A
ABB 3BSE050199R1        PM866K02 ABB 3BSE052604R1        AI815
ABB 3BSE050930R1-800xA  TU850 ABB 3BSE052605R1        AO815
ABB 3BSE051129R1-800xA  CI872K01 ABB 3BSE053241R1        PM891K01
ABB 3BSE056899R1        CI873K01 ABB 3BSE053242R1        PM891K02
ABB 3BSE056980R1-800xA  TY820K01 ABB 3BSE056767R1        CI871K01
ABB 3BSE057021R1-800xA  TK856 ABB 3BSE066485R1        PM851AK01
ABB 3BSE057022R1-800xA  TB853 ABB 3BSE066490R1        PM856AK01
ABB 3BSE061637R1        TB826 ABB 3BSE031694R4000-800xA   CI840KIT
ABB 3BSE066495R1    PM860AK01 ABB 3BSE038540R1300-800xA   CI801KIT

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