ABB PP846 3BSE042238R1 ABB Robotics Key Process Panel In Stock

ABB PP846 3BSE042238R1 ABB Robotics Key Process Panel In Stock


Model:PP846 3BSE042238R1

Country of origin:Switzerland

Sales scope:Whole Country

Payment method: T / T

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Panel 800 is an operator panel designed to meet the needs of human-machine communication.
There are built-in features such as text display and control, dynamic indicator, time channels, alarm, and recipe management.

The operator panel is object-oriented for the most part, making it simple to comprehend and utilize.
The panel’s configuration is done on a personal computer with the Panel Builder 800 configuration utility.
The project is then transferred to the operator panel and saved.

Many types of automation equipment, including as PLCs, servos, and drives, can be connected to the operator panel.
The term “the controller” is used in this document to refer to all of the linked equipment.

ABB PP846 3BSE042238R1

ABB PP846 3BSE042238R1

ABB Advant AC800M, ABB Advant-800xA model(s)

Information Supplementary:

TFT Panel Key 10.4 Inch Estimated Shipping Dimensions: 15.0″ x 10.0″ x 3.0″ (38.1 cm x 25.4 cm x 7.6 cm)
5 pounds, 6.1 ounces (2.4kg )

Brand Model Brand Model
ABB 07AS82 ABB 07EA200  GJV3072418R1
ABB 07AE83  ABB 07EA60R1 GJV3074350R1
ABB 07KR31 ABB 07EA61R1 GJV3074351R1
ABB 07KR240  ABB 07EA62R1 GJV3074352R1
ABB 07ET83A ABB 07EA65R1 GJV3074359R1
ABB 07KR220B ABB 07EA80   GJR52302
ABB 07GS40R1 ABB 07EA90-S GJR5251200R0101
ABB 07AA62R1 GJV30743 ABB 07EB200  GJV3072411R1
ABB 07AA65R1 GJV30743 ABB 07EB61R1 GJV3074341R1
ABB 07AA63 GJV3074368R1 ABB 07EB62R1 GJV3074342R1
ABB 07AA60R1 GJV3074365R1 ABB 07EB90-S GJR5250900R0101
ABB 07AA61R1 GJV3074366R1 ABB 07KR240R1 GJV3072402R1
ABB 07AA80 GJR5230010R000 ABB 07EI60    GJV3074357R1
ABB 07AB200 GJV3072413R1 ABB 07KP60R101 GJV3074357R1
ABB 07AB60R1 GJV3074360R1 ABB 07KP62  GJR5240400R105
ABB 07AB61R1 GJV3074361R1 ABB 07KP64  GJR5240600R0101
ABB 07AB67R1 GJV3074364R1 ABB 07KP90  GJR5253200R1161
ABB 07AB90-S GJR5250800R0101 ABB 07KP93  GJR5253200R1161
ABB 07AI91 GJR5251600R0202 ABB 07KR228 GJV3072401R1
ABB 07BA60R1 GJV3074397R1 ABB 07KR264DR1 GJV3072403R1
ABB 07BE60R1 GJV3074304R1 ABB 07KT228    GJV3072417R1
ABB 07BE62R1 GJV3074306R1 ABB 07KT240DR1 GJV3072419R1
ABB 07BR60R1 GJV3074375R1 ABB 07KT31     FPR3600228R1202
ABB 07BR61R1 GJV3074376R1 ABB 07KT60R101 GJV3074381R101
ABB 07BT60R1 GJV3074301R1 ABB 07BV60R1 GJV3074370R1
ABB 07BT62R1 GJV3074303R1 ABB 07CS61   GJR5240300R0202
ABB 07DC91   GJR5251400R0202 ABB 07DS85R1 GJR5219300R0001/9075

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