ABB 64113593 NPOW- 42C Power Supply Board what is oee in manufacturing

ABB 64113593 NPOW- 42C Power Supply Board what is oee in manufacturing

Model Name/Number:NPOW- 42C
Warranty Period:18 Months
Country of Origin:Switzerland

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Brand: ABB
ID of the product: 64113593
Model name: NPOW-42C
Long Description: NPOW-42C
Originating country: Finland (FI)
Customs Tariff Number: 85049090
Order quantity minimum: 1 piece
Invoice Description: POWER SUPPLY BOAR
Payment Term: T/T or Western Union
Net weight of product: 0.3 kg
Gross Volume: 0.01 m³
Product Net Weight: 0.33 kg
Made To Order: NO
Packaging Details : New and original factory, individual box packing
Warranty: 1 year
Product application type: Spare Parts
Sales measurement unit: piece
Condition : In stock
Quality: 100% New Original
WEEE Category: Product Not in WEEE Scope
After-sales Service: Have
Shipping term: DHL / FEDEX/ EMS /UPS/TNT

ABB 64113593 NPOW- 42C

Display power board

The display power supply board is an important part of the display driving system, which is responsible for controlling the power supply of the driving circuit, that is, the opening and closing of the switch tube, and the voltage rise of the transformer when it is lit to provide sufficient driving voltage and keep the output current stable when the circuit is working.

1.Power circuit block
Introduction: switching power supply is to turn on and off at high speed through the circuit control switch tube, convert DC into high-frequency AC and provide it to the transformer for voltage transformation, so as to produce one or more groups of voltages required. The function of the input circuit is to change the AC input voltage into smooth high-voltage DC voltage through rectification and filtering; The function of power converter is to convert high-voltage DC voltage into high-frequency pulse voltage with frequency greater than 20kHz; The function of rectifier filter circuit is to convert high-frequency pulse voltage into stable DC output voltage; The function of the power controller is to sample the output DC voltage to control the width of the driving pulse of the power switching device, so as to adjust the on time to make the output voltage adjustable and stable.
2.Boost circuit block diagram
Introduction: CCFL inverter is an inverter that converts the input low-voltage DC into AC high-voltage output through the process of MOS tube switching and transformer boost. The input DC power supply passes through fuse and filter capacitor, one of which is connected to MOS tube and transformer, and the other is supplied to IC through on / off switch. PWM control IC outputs two channels of square wave signals with adjustable pulse width (frequency about 50 K), drives two MOS tubes respectively, switches the current flowing through the primary two opposite directions of the transformer, and then boosts the voltage through the transformer with large turn ratio, that is, outputs a sinusoidal high-voltage lighting lamp. The function of the voltage feedback part is that when the output voltage is abnormal (such as open circuit or ignition of the lamp), the IC can protect and stop the output in time; The function of current feedback is to sample the current signal to IC, detect and control the output current in real time, and maintain the stability of lamp brightness.

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ABB 64113593 NPOW- 42C

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ABB 64113593 NPOW- 42C

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