ABB 3BHE019361R0101 UFD203A101 Control Board Fast delivery

ABB 3BHE019361R0101 UFD203A101 Control Board Fast delivery

Brand:Asea Brown Boveri
Model Name:3BHE019361R0101 UFD203A101
Product Origin:Sweden
Shipping Port:Xiamen
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;-) ABB 3BHE019361R0101 UFD203A101

Technical requirements:
Base unit AC 800PEC BP (there are slots on the backplane for installing processors, power supplies, auxiliary devices, and optical and communication modules). The processor module AC 800PEC CPU is installed on the AC 800PEC BP. The CPU is a fully functional 750 MHz RiSC processor equipped with a 64 bit IEE floating point unit (FPU) that is optimized for applications with very fast control cycles. It has two Anyl0 interfaces, each including – an AnyBusO – · S slot – an additional Any1/O expansion slot for AC 800PEC CEX interfaces or special applications. Up to six AC 800PEC optical modules for fiber optic links to various 1/0 modules


3BHE012049R0101 UFD128A101

It is an experienced and reliable dealer engaged in the supply of industrial PLC and DCS projects.

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✪PLC : AB, ABB, GE , Schneider

✪DCS : ABB, Siemens MOORE, Foxboro, Westinghouse, YOKOGAWA

✪ESD : Triconex, HIMA, BENTLY, ICS

✪Excitation cards : ABB, GE Marke

HONG KONG SAUL ELECTRIC LIMITED company specialises in the sale of modules and spare parts for the world’s leading brands (DCS systems) (robotic systems) (large servo control systems), including distributed control systems (DCS), programmable logic controllers (PLC), MOTOROLA MVME industrial modules, industrial control communication converters (Anybus), remote output/input modules (RTU), industrial IPC, IPC, HMI SCSI (50, 68, 80 Pin) AnyBus (Gateway) has become a global sales company for industrial automation spare parts and components.

Ship to you via DHL/TNT/UPS/EMS/FEDEX

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