A-B SST-PFB-SLC Profibus Scanner module intended Fast delivery

A-B SST-PFB-SLC Profibus Scanner module intended Fast delivery

·Model Name:SST-PFB-SLC
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• A-B SST-PFB-SLC Profibus Scanner module intended

-The SST-PFB-SLC is a Profibus Scanner module intended for use with the SLC 500 controller series of Allen-Bradley, which is manufactured by SST. This module is compatible for use with SLC 5/03 or higher processor modules. This module is able to scan I/O devices in the Profibus network, utilized for implementing Remote I/O or distributed I/O architecture. It supports 9600, 19200, 93.75k, 187.5k, 500k, 750k, 1.5M, 3M, 6M, 12M Profibus transmission rates and provides module status and network information such as slave status for each slave, network diagnostic counters, DP master diagnostic counters, and FDL diagnostic counters. This canner supports 244 Bytes of input data and 244 bytes of output data per slave connection, supporting up to 96 slave connections.

The SST-PFB-SLC is a communication module that is manufactured by SST. This module is specifically a Profibus Scanner Module that is compatible for use with Allen-Bradley SLC controllers particularly SLC 5/03 controllers or higher. This module is a chassis-mounted device that occupies a single slot of the SLC 500 rack. It is mainly used to implement distributed I/O or remote I/O architecture as this module is capable of communicating with up to 96 Profibus slaves wherein up to 244 Bytes of input data and 244 bytes of output data can be communicated by the module with each slave device. For the SLC interface, this module supports up to 32 Words of direct input and output data and up to 1000 Words of M0 and M1 mapped data. This module is installed with LED status indicators such as COM that depicts the presence of error in the network and SYS LED for reporting DP master or DP Slave operation sequentially. This module also comes with Two (2) 9-pin D-shell communication ports specifically, One (1) RS232serial configuration port and One (1) Profibus communication interface. Supported Profibus transmission rates and cable distance are 9600 @ 1200 meters; 19200 @ 1200 meters; 93.75k @ 1200 meters; 187.5k @ 1000 meters; 500k @ 400 meters; 1.5M @ 200 meters; 3M, 6M, 12Mbaud @ 100 meters. The recommended Profibus cable for use with this module is the Belden 3079A while other compatible cables are either manufactured by Siemens or Bosch. Allen-Bradley’s blue hose cable with 78 ohms cable impedance is not compatible with this module. The SST-PFB-SLC’s environmental specifications include an operating temperature of 0-50 Degree Celsius, the storage temperature of -40 to 85 Degree Celsius, and a relative humidity level of 5-95%. This module has a backplane current consumption of 700 mA @ 5 VDC.


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